BYRO is a 0 Sugar, 0 Calories energy drink. We wanted to create a clean energy alternative that puts you in control. Just one can of Byro and enjoy a powerful, sustained energy boost. We also packed Byro with B-Group vitamins, Taurine and Caffeine to heighten your reaction times and keep you focused. The result? A mouth-watering energy formula that helps you up your game.

The word “Byro” comes from the word “Pyro”, short form for pyrotechnics and fire. When you think energy, you think fiery red-hot passion that burns within and since our drink is blue in colour, we replaced “P” in “Pyro” to “B” and we get BYRO, an icy cold blue flame that helps engulf and empower you.

There is 30mg of caffeine per 100ml of Byro. That’s about 97mg of caffeine per can of Byro which is equivalent to 1 cup of coffee.

According to world-wide health standards, the daily recommended caffeine intake for a healthy adult should not exceed 400mg; that’s about 5 cups of coffee.

We do not recommend Byro to anyone who needs to watch their caffeine intake. That means children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Everyone else will be just fine but always check the label carefully. If you do experience any adverse reactions, stop drinking Byro and speak to a medical professional.

Our energy drink is made up of Caffeine, B-group vitamins, Taurine, artificial sweeteners and permitted colourings.

We use artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose, to replace sugar. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. The body does not break it down when consumed making it non-caloric. Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar and it is FDA approved to be used in food as a general-purpose sweetener.

Byro currently ships locally in Singapore only. We will open up more countries in time to come!

All Byro products are now Vegan friendly! 

Unfortunately our store only supports one discount code per order, so choose wisely!

At Byro we are trained to process your orders in quick time, so it is not possible to cancel your order after it has been placed. Do check out our returns page for all returns info.

At Byro we are trained to process your orders in quick time, so it is not possible to amend your order after it has been placed.

You will receive a confirmation email with information on your courier who will keep in touch with you on the status of your Byro package.

We currently accept payment via credit/debit cards only. More payment methods will be made available soon!

Delivery to your doorstep by our local courier will be capped at $2.99. Time to time there will be promo codes that might waive off your delivery charges so please keep a look out!

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